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MediaPortal 1.16.0 Pre Release

2 svar till detta ämne
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Postad 25 december 2016 - 08:20

  • Nybbe67
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Nu är det en prerelease ute:

Highlights of this release 
  • MediaPortal now supports BD-J
    Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) allows bonus content on Blu-ray discs to be far more sophisticated than bonus content provided by standard DVD. This includes network access, picture-in-picture and access to expanded local storage. You need to install Java to use this feature.
  • madVR (requires manual installation)
    madVR is a high quality DirectShow video renderer, designed as a no-compromise approach, which tries to achieve the best possible video playback quality.
    Wiki link: http://wiki.team-med..._video_renderer
  • Ares (skin)
    An amazing new skin from the designer of Apollo giving you 25 home buttons to configure exactly how you like. 
    Rename labels, change images, swap out plugins and configure hyperlink parameters all within the home screen.
    Support and a button image template can be found in one of the following threads:
  • TV engine now supports broadcasts with HEVC/H.265 video e.g. DVB-T2 HD in Germany
  • For remote TV clients, a major update of the underlying RTSP client/server code to improve the speed of live TV channel changes, live & recorded seeking (skip steps) performance and IPTV reliability.
  • Live TV playback performs smooth matching of broadcast and PC stream rates, to reduce playback 'pauses' in some circumstances.
  • Better TV audio support (more AAC formats supported and other reliabilty improvements)
  • Separate settings for DVD and BD external players
  • Improved Wake On LAN support.
  • HID remote handler now supports multiple profiles
    This makes it easier for users to customize their remote control experience.




Postad 25 december 2016 - 21:56

  • snesteg
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Verkar riktigt fint med BD-J, madVR och Ares :)


Postad 29 december 2016 - 20:01

  • Nybbe67
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  • 266 inlägg
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Verkar riktigt fint med BD-J, madVR och Ares :)


Ja, MadVR verkar ju coolt men det verkar vara rätt så CPU intensivt, kunde inte ens starta med defaultinställningarna, det laggade som tusan. Men min HTPC är ju inte ny direkt, 2 Ghz duopropp eller nåt sånt.

Provade att installera men saknade en plugin som inte var kompatibel, Radioplay, Online videos finns i en ny version för denna beta, som inte funkar med gamla MP, märkte jag efter ominstallation av MP.

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