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E911 GPS-data och almanack och efemer uppdateras när telefonens plats ändra

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Postad 25 februari 2020 - 11:17

  • BentleyCole
  • Rookie

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i have several questions regarding gps and location information about e911 calls from mobile phones. I kind of understand how agps work in conjunction with other technologies below normal circumstances in a well covered area and with everything going on but have questions that follow. hope someone here calls help.
when a cellphone is turned off at one location and then moved several hundred miles, does the phone's gps need to acquire new almanac and ephemeral data? when does it happen? are you up and running? is a connection needed until cellular data to do so in the mobile network compared to gps satellite speeds? will it download the updated gps information from the mobile network if left in flight mode? what happens if location services are turned off? would it just try to download statistics when the 911 call was made? what if the phone just switched on (after moving) where it was a very weak sign, enough to make a 911 voice call? would it then need to download almanac and ephemera data from the satellite? Can the carrier "ping" the phone to get GPS information?
when it comes to emergency services / e911 do they automatically get GPS coordinates? I understand that there are problems, especially with older equipment. do they only get transport data from the towers? they must "manually" request this from the carrier below economical circumstances, e.g. at rescue?https://19216811.cam https://xender.vip https://testmyspeed.onl

Redigerat av BentleyCole, 26 februari 2020 - 01:21.

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