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Telia STB (Motorola VIP 1910-9

1 svar till detta ämne
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Motorola Home VIP 1910-9 (Digitalboxar) 21 6,15 (13) Inga priser
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Postad 15 juli 2009 - 10:40

  • Qinx
  • Rookie

  • 5 inlägg
  • 0

First on the "why the heck in English?" bit, and me :-) I moved to Sweden from the Netherlands in May. I'm planning to learn more Swedish (I know some, but not nearly enough to read this forum), but until I do, I'm hoping people can help me in English.

Yesterday, I was hooked up to the Telia IPTV service. Everything works okay, I can watch TV and internet works too :-) So now I have a few questions about the IPTV receiver that came with the package, the Motorola VIP 1910.

First off: is it possible to change the language used in the menus to English? It would just make it easier to understand what does what.

And more importantly: I do not really like the way the EPG is set up, showing what is on soonest, regardless of the channel. With the box I had back in Holland, the guide had a grid; every line represented a TV channel, and left to right was the time scale, showing what was coming on on that particular channel at that time. I find that a lot easier to read, but I haven't been able to figure out if I can change it on the Telia box, and if so, how.

Then I also am interested in replacing the entire IP TV box, with something that I like better: e.g. something with a harddisk recorder in it. In Holland, one unfortunately does not have a choice: you can only use the priovided box (with IPTV). Is this the same in Sweden? If so, is it possible to activate the USB port to make it work like a hard disk recorder? If it is possible to replace the decoder, what can one replace it with?

Also, if this is not the appropriate forum to ask these questions, where should I go?

Tack så mycket, for any answers you can provide.


Postad 15 juli 2009 - 10:49

  • lbl
  • Forumräv

  • 828 inlägg
  • 0

The official link for Telia IP-Tv here, is:


So try it there.

Or perhaps a place in English: http://www.avforums.com/forums


Redigerat av lbl, 15 juli 2009 - 10:50.

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